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Meeting with Mark Parry re Hillside Mining Project at AGM - Postponed

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Meeting with Mark Parry re Hillside Mining Project 19 April 2014  - session postponed. please be advised that Mr Parry has contacted us today to provide the following information:

"Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the AGM on Saturday as previously planned. Whilst not ideal I have a personal matter that will negate my ability to travel. In having said that I do want to provide an opportunity to actively and personally engage with your community. I undertake to seek to provide alternative dates to make this happen in the not too distant future" "I would like to sincerely apologise to you and your community. A late change is not ideal but in this case unavoidable. I would like to ask that you make people aware of my change in circumstances prior to the day". All members please be advised that the session scheduled for after our AGM, has been postponed. We will provide details of a future date, once this can be arranged.


Construction of the New Boat Ramp

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Some pictures of the boat ramp construction

[UPDATED: more pictures added 17/3/2014]

[UPDATED: more pictures added 7/4/2014]

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To be held in the 
Pine Point Hall on
Saturday 19th of April 2014 at

Following the AGM, Rex Minerals CEO, Mr. Mark Parry will address the members regarding the proposed Hilltop Mine at Pine Point.



Boat Ramp Update - Pictures

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Some update pictures from Coppock & Associates


Black Point Boat Ramp - A Further Update

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Good afternoon all,

A site meeting was held this morning; and there were no significant problems raised.

Work has continued at an encouraging rate. The new ramp itself has been largely "built" with a combination of concrete rubble, crushed rocks and sand, all of which is being compacted layer by layer. In the last few days the sand and dirt etc on each side of the new ramp has been dug out, some fairly finely crushed rubble has been added, then the geotech fabric sheeting put down, and then then small bluestone rocks added, then middle size, and then the large rocks. The effect has been to create a neat rock wall, sloped away from the ramp, along each of its sides (and the same will be done with the protection wall at the base of the embankment). The ramp itself is still having more crushed rubble and sand added and compacted, layer by layer. And he top surface will be concrete.

The vehicle turning area immediately above the ramp is rapidly taking shape, with the excavation into the embankment (where the towing vehicles will nose in) virtually completed. The final paving height of this area will be about 400mm above the excavated level - after allowing for the addition of crushed rubble, sand and the bitumen paving. No rock has been discovered in the embankment at all, which everyone was pleased about.

The rest of the turning area is in the process of being finished off, with quite a bit of work going into building up the NE corner of that area where it will sweep around to the right (going uphill) and link up with the access road. And most of the widening of that road has been completed.

I continued to be impressed by the works team on site. They are obviously well skilled and have done this sort of project many times before. "They know what they are doing." The project is still on track for completion and handover on or before Thursday 17 April.

Cheers all



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